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Forever glamorous Celia Rodriguez

GLAMOUR GAL – Celia Rodriguez turned “a year younger” early this month and Mother Lily Monteverde hosted an intimate dinner for her. Celia, one of showbiz glamour gals, made many movies for Regal, usually with Joey Gosiengfiao as director, including “La Paloma,” where she played the title role.

Celia came in an all-black dress, with red necklace, earrings, and oversized ring, also red. Understated elegance.

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Now Celia wished that today’s young stars would dress and act like movie stars, “We owe it to the public.” But she understands times are different. “Humaharap sila sa mga tao nang walang make-up, ‘di yata nagsuklay, at ‘yung uso ngayong punit-punit na shorts at jeans.”

The guests included Redgie Magno of GMA, hairdresser Leony Diaz and an associate, Rams David of APT artists group, and three entertainment writers whom Celia called “may k” – whatever that means – Ethel Ramos, Ricky Lo, and this columnist “Mga kaibigan ko from way back.”

AWARDS – Celia has a FAMAS best actress award for “Lilet” (1971), directed by Gerry de Leon, who also megged her in “Dugo ang Kulay ng Gabi” (1964), which also gave her the FAMAS best supporting actress award.

In 1966, Celia again won the FAMAS best supporting actress award for “Passionate Strangers,” directed by Eddie Romero.

At the 1984 Metro Manila Film Festival, Celia was best supporting actress for “Bulaklak ng City Jail,” directed by Mario O’ Hara. She earned an Urian nomination for the same movie.

Celia reminded that De Leon and Romero are National Artists. She was also directed by two other National Artists, Lino Brocka for “Angela Markado” and Ishmael Bernal for “Pito ang Asawa ko.”

ROLES IN ‘DARNA’ – Among the new Darnas, Celia felt that Angel Locsin was the best, “Hanga ko sa batang yan, masipag at walang takot. Di gumagamit ng double.”

No, she wasn’t Valentina in Angel’s “Darna” on TV (GMA) which, at one time, got an over 50 rating. Celia was “Braguda,” the queen of all evils. Valentina, played by Alex de Rossi, was one of her creations.

But in Vilma Santos’ “Darna,” directed by dear friend Elwood Perez, Celia was Valentina. And what a glamorous Valentina she made, dressed to the nines and made-up like a high fashion model. Which Celia was sometime in her life, when she took time out from movies to pursue her original dream.

FOREVER GLAMOROUS – By the way, for a movie role Celia doesn’t mind being totally deglamorized as in “Magnifico.” She recalled friends told her “Di raw ako nakilala, ibang-iba ang itsura ko.”

Ah, but when director Maryo J. de los Reyes shouted cut and the cast and crew packed up, Celia was her usual self.

Forever glamorous.