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Diego Loyzaga’s acting shines through

JUST A THOUGHT: “There is no king who has not had a slave among his ancestors, and no slave who has not had a king among his.” – Helen Keller

DIEGO’S ACTING SHINES: From what we see in his role as Potpot in “Pusong Ligaw”, it is evident that Diego Loyzaga has inherited the combined acting genes of his parents, Cesar Montano and Teresa Lozaga.

Diego displays just the right amount of intensity as the afternoon series’ male lead. In many instances, he reminds viewers of his father. There’s that look in his eyes that is so vintage Cesar Montano, whether one likes it or not.

“Pusong Ligaw” is, by far, Diego’s biggest break as a teleserye lead. Prior, he was cast in second lead roles to Daniel Padilla, Enrique Gil, and other ABS-CBN key players.

Now, his time to shine has come. Hope Diego’s and network’s efforts to build his career won’t go to waste and be sidelined by unnecessary controversy, especially those involving family members.

We hope also that PusongLigaw will soon be followed by more challenging roles and bigger breaks for this young man, who, on the basis of talent alone, truly deserves stardom. A film with his father where they can play father and son isn’t a bad idea.

INTRIGUING, SUSPENSEFUL: Produced by Star Creatives, “Pusong Ligaw” stars a fresh ensemble of talents led by Diego Loyzaga, Sofia Andres, Enzo Pineda, and Beauty Gonzales. Providing ample support are Bianca King, JoemBascon, and Raymund Bagatsing.

Taking the lead for the first time as a love team are Diego and Sofia, who first worked together in the hit series “Forevermore.”

The show also marks Beauty’s biggest break in her career since she became leading lady to Zanjoe Marudo in “Dream Dad.”