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PhilNONI juice launched

Phil. Morinda Citrifolia Inc. has launched one of the world’s amazingly superb single course anti-oxidants from the ancient tropical Noni plant.

PhilNONI juice is an extract from the whole ripe fruit of the amazing medicinal plant Noni tree found growing wild in Philippines.

The taste of PhilNONI juice is enhanced by Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) known in the market as Sweet and Fit, another Philippine product. Noni is the international name of this ancient medicinal plant which is scientifically known as Morinda citrifolia Linn.

Dr. Tito Contado, a former professor of the University of the Philippines College of Agriculture until 1978 and a retired United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization Senior Officer for 13 years and seven years as chief of the FAO Extension, Education, and Communication Service, studied and experimented the use of Noni for two years before he decided to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2001 to pioneer the Noni company Phil. Morinda Citrifolia Inc.

Having effectively recovered from six heart by-pass operations in June 1999 using regularly Noni fruit juice supplement, Contado envisions to make PhilNONI brand products available, accessible, and affordable to the market, worldwide.

With the very successful production and marketing of 100 percent pure PhilNONI juice for more than 10 years, PMCI conducted further studies to better improve its taste without compromising its efficacy, stability, and safety.

The study resulted in a partnership with Philippine Glorious Industries Development Corp., producer of the natural sweetener Stevia, Sweet and Fit which enhances the taste of pure PhilNONI juice.