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Str8 Up with Delamar makes a splash

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Well-loved and sorely missed radio jock Delamar Arias is back, not on radio but in an online video talk show, where she is braver, more talkative than ever! After years of being one of the voices in The Morning Rush, she now stars in 8list.ph’s new web series, Str8 up with Delamar which premiered on the 8list’sFacebook page last Wednesday.

Netizens were thrilled to finally see her back in her game during the show’s maiden episode where she explained her apprehension about moving from her comfort zone in the radio to a whole new platform in video. Gripped with self-doubt and fear, she still took the challenge knowing that it will make her grow more as a person.

Delle’s courage is just one of the many aspects people missed about her. Another one of course, is her voice. These are why fans from all over the world anticipated her return. Gio Veluya commented, “My wife woke up early just to catch you. We’re from Rome Italy”.

“It’s so refreshing to once again hear Delle’s voice let alone SEE her!” commented viewer Jorwin Yau, “Great video editing and graphics paired with an all too familiar voice,”added Jedprey Buenvenida, and “Missed your voice over the radio glad you’re finally back! Way to go Delle! Looking forward to more future webisodes” shared Kaye Abad as many similar messages filled the comment section.

One of the things people love about the show is the no holds barred Facebook Live Aftershow Chat where Delle gives genuine insights about the episode’stopic. “Her wisdom seeps into the show”, said Karen Sison Gajelonia.”It’s so nice how this 6 min vid is full of pure wisdom!!” mentioned Keith Ann Cabello. Many others like KC Araneta suggested topics for future discussions, “I would love to see her talk about music, food, and some life hacksin future episodes.”

Hundreds of thousands of viewers have caught the initial episode’s video and the aftershow chat. To catch the next topic with Delamar and join the Facebook Live Aftershow Chat, like and tune in to the 8list Facebook page on Wednesday 12 noon.