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Too many beauty contests

MAKES SENSE – Weeks back, Highspeed urged the Department of Tourism to scrap the idea of holding the Miss Universe beauty pageant here in November. Which readers say “make sense.” The situation in the country isn’t conducive.

Besides, the Philippines just hosted Miss U in January this year.

Thank God, DoT bigwigs saw the light and announced the country is no longer batting for it. And please don’t even talk of hosting Miss U in the future while the country remains in crisis.

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TOO MANY – While the subject is beauty contest here and abroad: Highspeed asks: Aren’t there already too many?

There’s one for everyone: Mothers, grandmothers, single moms, gays, transgenders, even cops.

Highspeed can only name four off the bat: Miss Universe (but of course), Miss International, Miss World, and Miss Earth.

What do you think Jay (P. Delgado) and Mel (Caparas), Highspeed’s contibutors?

MORE GAY LINGO – Thanks to Prof. Danton Remoto for more samples of gay lingo. Here they are:

Blanche Dubois, the neurotic heroine of “A Streetcar Named Desire.” The movie starred the beautiful and great actress Vivien Leigh, who was said to be one (as in “may katok”) in real life. Ms Leigh is also the star of “Gone with the Wind.”

Anaconda (as in snake, one who steals husbands and boyfriends), may also be called Medusa and Serpentina.

The writer Chitang Guerrero Nakpil is part of showbiz lingo. Chit (restaurant bill) and guerrero (in a fighting mood).

Jullie Yap Daza – As in “Huli” (caught). Ms. Jullie is, of course, the much admired Manila Bulletin columnist.

Melanie Marquez – bad odor, “inspired” by the former Miss International.

Well, as Highspeed often says: Gay (or showbiz) lingo is more rhyme than reason.