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Arroyo backs Martial Law in Mindanao

By: Ben R. Rosario

Former President now Pampanga Rep. Gloria M. Arroyo yesterday declared strong support to the Martial Law declaration of President Duterte in Mindanao, saying that Filipinos must continue to trust him.

Speaking at the 52nd induction ceremonies of officials of the Inner Wheel Clubs of the Philippines, Arroyo did not interpose any objection to alleged plans of Duterte to extend the 60-day Martial Law period which is due to expire on July 25.

She said that as Chief Executive, Duterte has information that he cannot share to others, thus, trust in his decisions is of utmost importance.

“I’d like to use this opportunity to stand four-square behind President Duterte’s declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao,” Arroyo declared as she addressed women civic leaders of the country.

“I’ve been President, and being President, you have information that others will not have,” she said.

The former Chief Executive added: “They help you make a decision but you cannot share all the information with others.”

Arroyo has been supportive of Duterte’s past and current decisions except the proposed restoration of the death penalty.

The three-term Pampanga solon rejected the death penalty bill when presented for third and final reading at the House of Representatives, costing her the deputy speakership post.

In two separate press statements issued a day before Duterte’s first anniversary as President, Arroyo lauded the former Davao City mayor for demonstrating “awesome leadership” and for his “sustained efforts” in boosting the morale of soldiers and policemen fighting the Islamic State-linked Maute Group in Marawi City.

“So it is important that we just trust the President, because he knows what you don’t know and he knows what he’s doing so let us all support the Martial Law declaration of Duterte in Mindanao,” Arroyo told the Inner Wheel officials.