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Horn is no Marquez – Freddie

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By Dennis Principe

Trainer Freddie Roach sounded amused when told about the statement of Jeff Horn’s trainer that his ward is a better and stronger version of Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez.

Marquez, a bitter rival of multi-division champion Manny Pacquiao, is the last boxer to score a knockout win against the Filipino icon.

In a recent interview, Australian trainer Glenn Rushton said Horn has Marquez-like abilities and could be actually faster and more technically proficient than the Mexican, a statement which Roach derided.

“That is a very, very bold statement and I say that person knows nothing about boxing. Nothing at all. That is definitely not true. I’ve seen tapes of this guy, give me a break,” said Roach. “I can’t believe he said that he’s at that level. He’s only had 16 fights. He’s a school teacher he better stay at school a little bit more.”

Marquez knocked Pacquiao out in the 6th round of their 12-round welterweight contest on December 8, 2008 in Las Vegas.