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Duterte to quit ‘if necessary’

by Genalyn D. Kabiling

After describing his first year in office as a rollercoaster ride, President Duterte is willing to resign from his post “if necessary.”

The President, burdened by the raging war against terrorists in Marawi City, said he was already old and has nothing to lose.

“If necessary, I will resign as President. Matanda na ‘ko. 72. I will be finished with this job 77-years-old,” he said during the 50th anniversary celebration of Davao del Norte last Saturday.

“Matanda na ako, wheelchair, dito na banda magsalita,” he said, drawing laughter from the crowd. “Ano pa man habulin ko sa buhay? Nothing to lo – do not f**k with me because I have nothing to lose,” said Duterte.

The President has expressed sadness over the rising death toll in the Islamic State-sponsored rebellion in Marawi but insisted the war will continue until the last terrorist is neutralized.

Duterte said he hopes the conflict would be over soon pave the way for the rebuilding of the war-torn city.

“If there is one person in this Republic, in this country who is really traveling with a heavy heart, it’s me because I ordered the Armed Forces and the police to go there and fight and perhaps, to die,” he said. “I cannot stop the fighting because I will never, never, never compromise with terrorism,” Duterte added.

The President said his work schedule has prompted him to give up on “adventures” at night.

The Chief Executive starts his day at 1 p.m. and stays beyond midnight to handle paperwork.

“I work but at one o’clock, after lunch, pagkaligo na ko niyan. I do not have any nocturnal life – adventures, wala na. Matanda na ako,” he said.

“I usually sign papers, ganon kakapal lalo na kung hindi ako mag-report sa bahay ko diyan sa, by the river,” he said. “That’s my life. I read documents then I have to study.”