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Jinkee Pacquiao wants Manny to retire

Jinkee Pacquiao wanted her husband Sen. Manny Pacquiao to retire from boxing after he lost to younger boxer Jeff Horn of Australia last Sunday.

“Siguro mag-retire nasiya, kasi yung nga, he’s not getting any younger. ’Yun na lang ang pakiusapnamin, paramaging happy ako at tsaka si Mommy (Dionesia), and of course ’yung mga anak ko,” Jinkee told ABS CBN in an interview after the Pacquiao-Horn fight in Brisbane.


Manny, 38, fought his 68th professional fight with Horn, 29. Judges gave scores in favor of Horn who won the WBO welterweight title.

Jinkee said that she got worried when she saw the cuts on the face of her husband during the bout.

“Doon ako kinabahan na baka mahinto ’yung fight. Di ba usually kapag ganoon, natatalo ‘yung boxer. Hinihinto na nila tapos winner na ‘yung kalaban,” the senator’s wife said.

“Nung na-headbutt na siya, doon ako natakot kasi ayaw kong nakikita siyang duguan.

“Malakas din kasi si Horn. Pero si Manny, pinakita pa rin niya ang kanyang lakas at bilis,” Jinkee also told ABS-CBN.

After the fight, Team Pacquiao attended a church service at Sofitel Brisbane Central.

Jinkee later uploaded a photo of the church service with the caption: “Chapel Service after the fight. Thanking God for everything! But thanks be to God. He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you Lord, the place was full!”

Despite Pacman’s loss to Horn, Jinkee said in another shared photo on Instagram that her husband is still her champion.

“We already won the Victory through Jesus! You fought well! Still proud of you, my babe! Love you, babe! You’re still our Champion! #Godisgood,” said Jinkee.

It wasn’t the first time Manny’s family wanted him to quit the sport.

In an interview with Kris Aquino on “KrisTV” in February 2013, Mommy D said: “Matagal ko na sinabi kay Manny kung sa akin ayaw ko na. Lahat kaming magpamilya, mga kapatid niya, sinabihan siya, huwag ka na mag-boxing. Hindi na kami hihingi sa iyo.”

“Sinabi ng mga kapatid, ‘Hindi na kami hihingi sa iyo basta stop kana lang.’ Ibig sabihin naaawa sa kanya,” Mrs.Pacquiao also said.

In 2015, Mommy D shared the same sentiment when Manny lost to American boxer Floyd Mayweather.

  • Dale Jose C. Gozar


    Pro boxing is just Showbiz, Manny Pacquiao won’t retire because MONEY is a strong motivation (Greed) .

    “Pacquiao will earn a guaranteed $10 million (£7.5 million) for this appearance, whereas Horn is on for $500,000 (£380,000) as well as a portion of the gate receipts.”

    Sabi daw ni Manny Pacquiao
    “Life is meant to be a challenge”

    Nasaan ang Challenge? Manny Pacquiao is a multi-millionaire boxer w/ bigger payout ($10million) fighting a younger boxer w/ (.5%) very small payout ($500,000).

    Nabigyan ba ng trabaho o kita ikaw at maraming tao sa laban ni Pacquaio?

    Gumanda ba buhay mo at ng maraming tao sa laban ni Pacquaio?

    Tumalino o may natutunan ka ba at maraming tao sa laban ni Pacquaio?

    Dami bilib n bilib!

    Common Sense lng

    Walang Challenge dun kase matalo manalo mas malaki p rin ang makukuwa nya. Pera pera lang! Kaya anong magaling sa ginawa nya?

    Niloloko lang tayo! Kaya sila ang yumaman lalo na Bob Arum at Chavit Singson

    Lalo na sa REMATCH https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b14b749c5ef0de1bc7de132a6cb1bd3740823406d1b12cac3f138ee69468a36d.jpg

  • Dale Jose C. Gozar

    by Dale Gozar (Feb.22 ’16)

    I’m fully aware of Manny Pacquiao’s numerous achievements in local/international boxing & sport world. I also know and appreciate very much the good deeds (charity) he has done and will do for many people.

    But I totally dislike/oppose his bigotry, self-righteous and political ambitions (Senate/President) mainly because of his poor attendance in congress, link to gambling lord (Chavit) and alliance to corrupt politicians (Binay). I also don’t understand why so many people continue to be blind and arrogant supporters of Manny to the point of making him a hero, role model, idol and a false prophet.

    First, Manny Pacquiao’s main motivation is MONEY and maybe secondary lang to bring pride for the Philippines. And I don’t understand why Manny always dedicate every fight to God.

    Professional BOXING is purely SHOWBIZ and a BIG BUSINESS in Las Vegas (Sin City) – betting, wagering money, gamble, match fixing, cheating/deception, pay per view, ticket sales, fight promotion, product endorsement, advertising, etc.

    Are you sure that all of Manny’s victory are legit and all his opponents did trained and gave their best (100%) in fighting Manny?

    Manny’s much bigger/taller opponents (Dela Hoya, Margaritto,) might have played poorly in exchange for bigger payouts (hidden deal or in contract). And eventually made Manny popular, a role model in the boxing world, a hero in the Philippines, and a rising star with same caliber as Floyd Mayweather, thus forging a Dream Match or the biggest fight in history.

    How can he represent all our interest & rights in Government if narrow minded or sarado na ISIP nya Bible (outdated or written long time ago)

    Now people like me tend to avoid Religion more because it’s really discouraging to see self righteous, hyper critical & judgemental hypocrite, ignorant arrogant fool in our society especially in government. So I’d rather keep my relationship with GOD personal thing – no need to showoff or brag or pretend I’m holy or a good man.

    It’s always an endless debate when BIBLE/RELIGION/GOD is involve.

    “The God excuse – the last refuge for a man with no answers or no arguments” George Carlin

    h https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1ef1d86e9326af7a45a5f2b5d6f8b0212a04ed10857176bbc63cc5e85edb989c.jpg ttps://youtu.be/6IRxpjEZveQ

  • Sundalong Kanin