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Balding actors are ‘mahilig’

‘MAHILIG’ – Two very popular actors appear older than they really are. Nothing to do with wrinkles on faces or even style of dressing. Much more complicated than that.

They have receding hairlines and it’s getting more and more difficult to hide them. Slowly but surely they are getting bald.

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Well, there’s hair transplant and BMW (buhok mo wig).

Or why not in time be the local equivalent of Yul Brynner or Telly Savalas or Bruce Willis.

Friends joke, “kayo kasi mahilig,” as if excessive sex drive has something to do with loss of hair.

How “mahilig” they are, better ask ladies romantically linked to them. Or those they had one-night stands with.

FOR ALL SEASONS – Horror flicks are said to be for all seasons, “walang pinipiling playdate.” Be it summer vacation or school season. But especially Christmas. Think of all those horror blockbusters during the Metro Manila Film Festival.

Come July 12, Star Cinema’s “Bloody Crayons” opens nationwide, billed as “the biggest suspense-thriller of the season.”

Based on the immensely popular Wattpad story and Precious Pages’ best-selling novel by Jason Argonza, “Bloody Crayons” is directed by Topel Lee and adapted for the big screen by the talented writing team of Carmel Jacomille, Rogelio Panahon Jr., Justine Reyes de Jesus, Kenneth Lim Dagatan, and John Paul Abellera. Bringing the characters of the novel to life on the big screen are Janella Salvador, Elmo Magalona, Sofia Andres, Diego Loyzaga, Jane Oineza, Maris Rascal, Yves Flores, Empoy Marquez, and Ronnie Alonte.

‘BARKADA’ ADVENTURE – The story begins when a seemingly tight-knit college “barkada” goes to an island to shoot a horror short film. Trouble ignites and their world turns upside down when one of them gets killed after playing the “Bloody Crayons” game. A series of mysterious deaths within the group then occur forcing the remaining survivors to find the killer.

The countless die-hard fans of “Bloody Crayons” are in for a treat as its film adaptation has the spine-chilling plot as excitement is raised in the group’s adrenaline-pumping quest to outwit and catch the elusive killer. The movie also highlights the different archetypal characters that could be typically found in most “barkadahan” Eunice (Salvador), the peace maker; Kiko (Magalona), the protector; Marie (Andres), and Olivia (Oineza), the ex-girlfriends; Kenly (Loyzaga), the jock; Richlaine (Rascal), the social climber; Justine (Flores), the prankster; Kuya Gerald (Marquez), the jester; and John (Alonte), the outsider.