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Baby making misconceptions

By: Rica Cruz

Hi Ms. Rica,
We want to have a baby. We’ve read that I should raise my legs during and that I should not pee or use the toilet for 20 minutes after the deed. Are these true? Also, are there sex positions that we can try to do to increase our chances of having a child? I like to be on top, but the articles I’ve read online says that this is will also lessen the chances of conceiving. Is this true?

Thank you,

Hi B,
Ay! Let me set the records straight once and for all. I’ve also read a lot of articles out there saying that baby making should be done this way and that way.

“Hold your legs up after!” and “Don’t go to the bathroom” (kahit ihing ihi kana!) are the most common misconceptions when it comes to rituals in baby making.

Although it doesn’t hurt much if you do follow these things (Pero, it can be unhealthy for you to hold your pee when you really have to go), it is important for people to know that these things have no scientific backing.

People started to follow these rules under the assumption that your man’s sperm will come out if you pee or you stand up. But in reality, when your man explodes inside you, he releases around 300-500 million fast little swimmers that swim inside you going towards all directions (including upwards)!

So really, it doesn’t matter if some of them spill out when you have to pee or if you just let your legs rest on the bed. C’mon man, you’re tired from all the hoola! You deserve a break too! 😉

Same goes with your position. I mean baby making should not stop you from being all dominating on top of your man. Taking control of the sexy time is fun!

Don’t let these articles fool you. So whether you’re on steady missionary or a cowgirl or spoon kind of couple, the results are all the same as long as your man comes out inside of you.

The little juniors swim out, straight into the mucus, and into the fallopian tubes, in just a matter of seconds!

So instead of stressing yourself out following all these position “rules” in baby making, do what works for you, mix it up, and enjoy! Remember sexy time is not just about conceiving, it’s also about connecting, playing, and having fun too! #takeitfromthesexymind

* * *

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Biography: Rica Cruz is a Licensed Psychologist and Sex Therapist. She comes out as the Resident Sex Therapist on Boys’ Night Out every Thursday night on Magic 89.9.