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HOOQ Filmmakers Guild picks Matti as first judge from PH


HOOQ, the largest Video on Demand service in Southeast Asia, announced recently that their latest addition to the HOOQ Filmmakers Guild is renowned director Erik Matti. Matti will represent the Philippines as a judge on its panel.

Matti, the third judge to be named, will aid in the selection of the five winners whose proposed projects shall be produced as a pilot as well as a full series.

“I believe the Philippines still has a lot of undiscovered filmmakers out there just waiting for their big break. The HOOQ Filmmakers Guild will give these aspiring filmmakers a chance to see their ideas become a reality and hopefully inspire others to pursue their dream,” said Matti.

HOOQ is calling for film professionals, directors, producers, and scriptwriters to send suggested scripts for TV series ideas.

The two other members of the panel of judges are from Indonesia. They are Mouly Surya, a critically acclaimed director who was recently screened at Director’s Fortnight in the Cannes Film Festival and Nicolas Saputra, an award-winning actor and documentary producer.

“HOOQ offers an international opportunity for all of us. Not just for the Philippines, but for Southeast Asia in general for us to be able to share our content, our stories, and bring it to the global stage,” said Matti.

Five winners will be chosen in the contest and will be given a $30,000 grant to produce pilot episodes of their original content. The chosen pilot episode will be given a 13-episode order from the content provider.

The HOOQ Filmmakers Guild began accepting submissions since June 5, 2017 and will be open until August 15, 2017.