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When 4 is a crowd

By: Nestor Cuartero

JUST A THOUGHT: It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case, you fail by default. – J.K. Rowling

FOUR OF A KIND: There’s strength in the number four.

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Musically, four can cause an explosion.

Four newcomers, Sue Ramirez, Kristel Fulgar, Maris Racal and Loisa Andalio join forces in a concert called “4 Of A Kind,” set at the Music Museum in Greenhills on July 8.

At the media launch of “4 of a Kind,” the girls became the subject of ribbing from the press, whose members teased them about their present or inexistent boyfriends. Louisa Andallo, the more experienced in the group, said they’re pretty much close, having started their singing-acting careers together at ABS-CBN.

Louisa and Sue Ramirez remain friendly to each other even if they’re both linked to the same leading man, Ronnie Alonte. At their age, late teens, she said, the right thing to do is to focus on one’s blossoming showbiz career and not on one’s love life.

There are more important things to consider, she admonished.

UP AND COMING ALL: “4 of a Kind” is a production of Hills & Dreams Events Concepts Co., which earlier produced shows starring Sam Concepcion, Maja Salvador, Matteo Guidicelli, Daniel Matsunaga, and JC de Vera.
Sue Ramirez acts, hosts, and sings.

She was recently part of “I Can Do That,” wherein she bravely took on mind-blowing challenges week after week. Sue is seen nightly on “La Luna Sangre.”

From child actress to YouTube singing sensation, Kristel Fulgar is the first ABS-CBN artist to receive the Silver Play Button award for reaching 100,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.

She was seen recently in hit rom-com, “Can’t Help Falling In Love.” Kristel is cast in upcoming sitcom “Rikipedia.”

Maris Racal and Loisa Andalio were “Pinoy Big Brother: All In” standouts who are now mainstays on “ASAP” as part of the BFFs.