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Filipinos react to unli-rice ban


SENATOR Cynthia Villar proposed a bill banning unlimited rice or unli-rice in food establishments in the Philippines. Although she later retracted the said bill, some Filipinos reacted violently to the bill.

Charlie Villa, 19, student: “I haven’t read the whole article thing to be honest. Though may point naman ‘yung iba kasi nagsasayang ng kanin. Ok lang naman sakin if i-push ‘yung sa veggies thing. But bottom-line I think it’s a stupid bill. We can tackle health and economic issues without targeting the unli-rice kung kulang sa kanin ang issue nila. Dapat kasi fina-fund nila ang agricultural sector ng bansa. Let’s say invest more in subsidies para sa farmers. And kaya din kasi may mga umaayaw na farmers kasi ang baba ng kinikita nila. Also if maraming sayang na food ang issue nila, you might as well take down buffets.”

Louie Cortero, 22, student: “Well given na totoo naman ‘yung health concerns ni Villar, the unli-rice ban won’t change a person’s appetite or desire for rice, i.e., mag-oorder pa rin sila ng kanin. It won’t “encourage the people to eat less rice” kasi ‘yung mga nag-aavail naman ng extra rice is only to their content, albeit may nasasayang. Beside kung health naman ang concern ni Villar, it’s a matter of decision by the individual. Although restaurants are encouraged to feed people healthy foods, the decision ultimately falls on the people who eat. Marami namang malakas mag-unli-rice pero health i.e., may diet silang sinusunod or cheat day nila. Kumbaga more of “on a whim” basis ‘yung panukala kasi why, out of all the issues in the country like traffic and other crises, bakit ‘yung nananahimik na unli-rice ang inaatake niya? DoH nga doesn’t bat an eye on it much kasi alam nilang nasa individual ang dieting choices.”

Danielle Baranda, 19, student: “Feeling ko distraction siya, like there’s stuff going around na lumalalang health problems ni Duterte. Politicians do that all the time. I also feel like mas madaming issues na pwede ayusin bakit yan pa.”