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Talk of showbiz town

MOST BEAUTIFUL – Yes! mag will announce tomorrow, Tuesday, its 100 most beautiful stars of 2017 – an annual event. Who’’ll be on the cover of Yes!, meaning No.1 on the list? People are speculating.

Highspeed’s bet is no other than Liza Soberano, the latest “Darna.”

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“Oldies” fond of Hollywood films describe Liza as “a young Ingrid Bergman.” Millennials will likely ask: Ingrid who?

Well, Miss Bergman is one of Hollywood’s greatest beauties and actresses. An import from Sweden.

She starred in such films as “Anastasia,” “The Inn of the Sixth Happiness,” “Bells of St. Mary,” “Yellow Rolls Royce,” “Gaslight,” and “Indiscreet.” She has three Oscars.

Of course it’s an honor to be compared to Ingrid Bergman, incidentally, this columnist’s favorite.
Other talk of showbiz town.

NOT REALLY – Sharon Cuneta’s CineMalaya entry, “Ang Pamilyang Hindi Lumuluha,” is billed as the Megastar’s first indie.

Well, not really. Remember Unitel’s “Crying Ladies,” where Sharon shared stellar roles with Hilda Koronel and Angel Aquino? While it has star and production values, the story is definitely out of the box. Imagine Sharon playing a petty hustler and on the side a mourner in Chinese funerals. But then the saving grace of her character is she is a good mother. “Crying Ladies” was rightly hyped as a “heartwarming comedy.” Directed by Mark Meily.

By the way, it was Metro Manila Film Festival entry, making money and winning awards.

Tony Gloria produced “Crying Ladies,” who came up with other very good films. The likes of “Santa Santita,” “La Visa Loca,” “Yaya.”

A few years back, Vilma Santos starred in her first indie, the delightful “Ekstra.”

Of course, Nora Aunor’s been topbilling indies for several years…and winning awards here and abroad.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH – Manny Pacquiao is, of course, more of sports than showbiz. But then he used to appear in movies and on TV. And he even sings.

The feedback Highspeed got from entertainment writers is “enough is enough.” That it’s time to hang those gloves.

They ask what more can Manny ask for. He’s got fame and fortune and power (senator). They don’t want to see him “baldado” in the years to come.

Mother (Aling Dionesia) and wife (Jinkee) are right in asking him to stop fighting on the ring. Perhaps even his recent defeat in Australia is God’s way of saying “tama na.”

So there.