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Other Brocka actors

BIG THREE – The last time, Highspeed focused on Bembol Roco, one of the Big Three actors built by director Lino Brocka. Who are the other two of the Big Three?

No other than Christopher de Leon and Phillip Salvador. Boyet he discovered and Ipe he “re-discovered.” Brocka spotted Boyet while with his elder sister, Pinky de Leon, in a gasoline station. Ipe, was then doing character roles, but Brocka felt, and rightly so, he was a star material. He walked proud and tall and Brocka “heard those imaginary bells ringing.”

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Brocka launched Boyet to stardom in the mid-‘70s in “Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang,” a blockbuster patronized by the campus crowd. A matinee idol and an actor was born in “Tinimbang,” which gave Boyet a FAMAS best actor award.

Ipe was relaunched to stardom in “Ang Mananayaw,” but his biggest role was in “Jaguar,” based on a Nick Joaquin article and competed in Cannes.

The one and only Brocka film where Boyet and Ipe co-starred was “Cain at Abel,” giving Salvador the first Academy Award for best actor.

OTHER STARRERS – Boyet had a falling out with Brocka and for years they didn’t work together. But in later years, they reconciled and Brocka cast Boyet in mostly anti-hero parts in films like “Biktima” and “Babangon Ako at Dudurugin Kita.” Both films starred Sharon Cuneta.

Ipe remained loyal to Brocka, who directed him in “Kapit sa Patalim,” “Orapronobis,” “Rubia Servios,” “Gumising Ka Maruja,” “Kontrobersyal,” “Bona,” “Bawal na Pag-ibig,” among others.

For other directors, Boyet made “Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos” (Mario O’Hara), “Ganito Kami Noon…Paano Kayo Ngayon?”

(Eddie Romero), “Relasyon,” “Broken Marriage,” “Ikaw Ay Akin” (Ishmael Bernal), “Haplos” (Butch Perez).

Ipe starred in “Karnal” (Marilou Diaz Abaya), “Kumander Dante” (Butch Perez), “Playgirl” (Mel Chionglo).

MORE BROCKA ACTORS – While Boyet de Leon, Bembol Roco, and Ipe Salvador are Brocka’s biggest actors, he also directed others both lead and supporting players.

Aga Muhlach, Alan Paule, Raul Aragon, Walter Navarro, Dante Rivero, Ace Vergel, William Lorenzo, Daniel Fernando, Rez Cortez, Jay Ilagan, Richard Gomez, Ariosto Reyes Jr.

Brocka also directed FPJ once, in “Santiago.”

Eddie Garcia is a Brocka “mainstay.” Think “Tubog sa Ginto,” “Tinimbang,” “Miguelito,” “Gumapang Ka sa Lusak.”