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700 virgins in paradise

By: Erik Espina

THIS is the promise in paradise (Jannah) awaiting martyrdom (Shahid) for “Mujaheedins” (Islamic warriors) in the Jihadist (Isis) thinking. The reason why strapping a bomb to the body and blasting oneself, an airplane crashing a building, loading explosives in a driven vehicle as a weapon, or horrific decapitation versus infidels, “unbelievers” of other religions, or even with-in Muslim sects has toll many innocent lives.

According to a learned Islamic scholar and a respected teacher, Ustadz Najeeb Rasul Fernandez, “There is no basis in the Qur’an for such teaching.” Shaking his head in our conversation (TV interview in a local Cebu channel), “What about Islamic women (Mujahid) fighters? When they are martyred, will there be 700 men virgins also awaiting them?”

Ustadz Fernandez presses, “Muslims are allowed to have four wives. But in death you will be prized with 700 virgins!”

After several interludes, you are already tired. How much more with so many for the taking? This is un-Islamic. You have to hurriedly die first, and as spirit experience carnal pleasures. And in Jannah! To be with Allah is the highest form of happiness, but then are rewarded and expected to have sex in front of Him!,” added Ustadz Fernandez.

This blind teacher hosted a TV program in Manila decades back. He was outspoken in promoting Islam and the “Return to Islam” in his religious show. During our exchange, he confirmed the rising tide of “Wahhabism” (extremist teaching and thinking) among local Muslims in the Philippines e.g. Baguio, Manila, Cebu, etc. This is a burgeoning problem also among conservative Muslims who believe the true Islam, is a religion of peace, forgiveness, and brotherly protection for “people of the book” – Christians and Jews. He cited his own experience asking Filipino Muslims what they are? They responded, “Sunni.” Regrettably, when further queried which of the four schools of Sunni (Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi’i, and Hanbali) guide them? They cannot answer. In truth, they have been “Wahhabized.” A fertile ground for another TVC – “terrorist vulnerable community.”