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Teens run for their life in thrilling ‘barkada’ movie

By: Nestor Cuartero

JUST A THOUGHT: “It would be great if people never got angry at someone for doing something they’ve done themselves.”− Rodney Dangerfield in Esquire.

ROMCOM AND HORROR ONLY: If we go by local bookers, there are only two film types preferred by Filipino audiences as far as locally made films are concerned.

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First is romantic comedy. Second is horror-suspense-thriller.

Little wonder mainstream entertainment is made up of nothing but. At any given time of the year, our screens are littered with rom-coms or horror films.

Gone are the days when drama films would make a killing at the box office. Drama stories have migrated to TV, where they are now answer to the generic name, teleserye.

Speaking of horror films, they’re also usually popular at the end of the year, in the MMFF, where they have become a staple. But, that is not to say that horror films can’t be had at any other time of the year, such as in July.

BARKADA MOVIE: One such horror adventure film, “Bloody Crayons,” dubbed as the ultimate barkada movie, opened on July 12.

“Bloody Crayons” gathers some of the country’s trending teen stars in what is said to be the biggest suspense-thriller of the season.

Based on the popular Wattpad story and Precious Pages’ bestselling novel by Jason Argonza, “Bloody Crayons” is directed by Topel Lee.

Bringing the unforgettable characters of the novel to life in the big screen are Janella Salvador, Elmo Magalona, Sofia Andres, Diego Loyzaga, Jane Oineza, Maris Rascal, Yves Flores, Empoy Marquez, and Ronnie Alonte.

The story begins when a seemingly tight-knit college barkada goes to an island to shoot a horror short film. Trouble ignites and their world turns upside down when one of them gets killed after playing the Bloody Crayons game.

A series of mysterious deaths within the group then occurs, forcing the remaining survivors to find the killer.