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Woman found dead with missing eye

By: Jel Santos

A 41-year-old woman listed as a drug personality was found dead with one of her eyes missing inside her shanty in Malabon City, Saturday morning, a belated report said.

Police identified the fatality as Leanor Ruflo, who was included in the drug watchlist in Barangay Tonsuya.

Ruflo, according to reports, was found dead by her daughter inside their shanty on P. Aquino St. in Barangay Tonsuya, Malabon.

The daughter of the fatality, Miamor, 17, said that her mother’s left eye was missing when she was about to wake up her mother that morning.

PO2 Jose Germinal II, case investigator, said that they were also shocked when they saw the body. The suspect said that the left eye of Ruflo was eaten by a rat.

Police said the shanty of the fatality was near a creek where many rats dwell.

“The daughter of the victim told us that her mother was ill…We suspect that her left eye was eaten by rats after she died,” Germinal said.

“We were shocked. It was our first time to see something like this,” he said.

Police are conducting a thorough probe to know if there’s a foul play behind Ruflo’s death.