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Sushi on a train

By: Kim Atienza

IN other Japanese restaurants, sushi is served by the waiter or is served by Kaitenor conveyor belt. But in Genki Sushi, orders are served on a miniature train. We found this out during a recent episode of our TV show, “Matanglawin,” Sundays on ABS-CBN.

Genki Sushi is a Japanese franchise brought to the Philippines for expansion according to Branch Manager Deejae Atienza. Orders are made through a tablet and once orders are placed, the orders are displayed in a tablet in the kitchen as well.


Orders are placed on the Koshoku or Double Deck Express and are delivered straight to the tables.

The Koshoku Express System is based on the Shinkansen, commonly known as the Bullet Train in Japan. Shinkansen is the fastest train system in the world, reaching up to 320 kilometers per hour in speed.

Genki Sushi patterns the speed of the Shinkansen to its fast services via the Double Deck Express System.

Try mo.

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