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Maliit po ba ang alaga ko?

By: Rica Cruz

Hi Ms. Rica,
I’m around 20-years-old, and whenever I look at my manhood, I feel that it’s small. I measured it and it’s at around five inches kapag matigas na. It’s not thin, pero I feel that it’s small. I want it to be bigger. Can you give me some tips to make it bigger para pwede sa mga girlies?

Thank you!

Hi R!
This is such an interesting letter because:

– This is a common issue amongst men

– I love how you included a girlie’s satisfaction in it! Good job, you!

Now, to answer your letter – there are surgeons who offer penis enlargement procedures, PERO, these are not seen as safe nor effective.

Neither are those medicines and exercises that you read when you Google “how to make my **** bigger.”

Sa totoo lang, at five inches long, you are at about the average length. Plus, you said that your dingie is not thin, which makes it more unreasonable for you to go into enlargement surgeries.

Just by imagining it through your letter, it seems like yours is a healthy, nice penis that’s ready to go when necessary. Yeaaah!

To add, if you go to surgery, there’s a risk that you’ll have painful scar tissue, and even painful erections after!

Yikes. Think about that time na tinuli ka. Diba masakit un? Would you want to go through that again? I don’t think so.

If you want your mojo to APPEAR bigger, losing weight is the way to go. I tell you this because I’m guessing that you want a larger mandingo to impress the girls with the huge package.

Well, if you keep a healthy weight, then your thingie will look bigger than how it is when you have fats around it.

At, kung feeling mo kailangan mas malaki for a better sexy time with the girlies, then, let me tell you that hindi kailangan.

Several studies have looked into this, and they all reach the same conclusion – size does not matter to most people. What matters then? Connection! Promise. No joke. Peksman. People, especially the girlies, look for a sense of closeness, communication, and connection during sexy time.

Intimacy will get you deeper with someone than enlarging an inch or two.

So, kung gusto mo maimpress ang girlies, kailangan interesado ka talaga sa kanila. Talk to them. Find out what makes them feel happy, sad, or whatever! Kapag sexy time na, be in the moment! Feel her, touch her, and connect with her.

And if you really want to go as deep as you can be, look her in the eye as you rock her world. Easy peasy.


* * *

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Biography: Rica Cruz is a Licensed Psychologist, Marriage Counselor, and, Sex Therapist. She comes out as the Resident Psychologist on Boys’ Night Out every Thursday night on Magic 89.9.