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Dog faces off with alligator

By: Kim Atienza

You will love dogs even more after reading this.

In 2001, a brave dog dared to go one-on-one with an alligator. The act earned for Blue that year’s “Dog Hero of the Year” honors in Australia.


The Australian Blue Heeler saved Ruth Gay, his 85 year old owner, from an alligator attack behind her home. Ms. Gay had fallen while walking Blue. When a nearby gator lumbered over, threatening to attack, Blue charged into action and sparred with the gator long enough to scare it away.

Gay survived the attack. Blue fully recovered and later awarded with doggie treats, cash, and a specially engraved Dog Hero food bowl.

TRIVIA PA MORE (Various Sources): SORBETES – This sweet treat was concocted in the early 1920’s, a time when a single centavo could buy you almost anything. Preparing this ice cream and selling it in carts with colorful designs has remained. In the old days, ice cream dealers bred their own cows to ensure the freshness and sanitation of the milk needed to make the “dirty ice cream.”

Waling Waling Orchids – With some 800 to 1,000 species of orchids, the Philippines has one of the richest orchid floras in the world. Philippine orchids come in an amazing array of shapes, sizes and colors. Most grow only in old-growth forest, often on branches of huge trees.

Maria Teresa Calderon – Filipina World champion speed reader as listed in the Guinness Book of World Records

In the Philippines, Filipinos were introduced to the English language in 1762 by British invaders, not Americans. The Philippines is the world’s 3rd largest English-speaking nation, next to the USA and the UK.

The Philippine Basketball Association is Asia’s premier and the world’s second oldest professional league.

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