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Gender remains the same?

JUST ASKING – The moment one is born, isn’t one’s gender already determined… and nothing can change that? Isn’t the mold or matrix of one’s gender – male or female – already fixed?

Just asking those questions in the light of sex change, sex realignment, hormone pills which supposedly turn man to woman and woman to man.

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As they say, man trapped in a woman’s body… and vice versa.

If that were so, no surgical procedures can really change the sex one is born with. One may look and act and feel like a man or a woman, but deep inside one’s original gender remains.

Perhaps one can ask authorities on the matter. Doctors and others, whose training is allied with medicine.

What do TEMPO columnists Kuya Kim and Rika Cruz think?

MATTER OF COMPARISSON – Jake Zyrus (earlier known as Charice Pempengco) and Aiza Seguerra are two famous lesbians in the country. No offense meant, but Jake seems to have lost the affection of the public, while Aiza is generally well loved.

Guess that Jake tries too hard to be “macho,” while Aiza behaves more naturally… meaning she is what she is.

Same-sex union isn’t legal, not yet anyway, in the Philippines. So affixing Seguerra to Liza Diño’s name is really more “symbolic” than real. Just like Liza referring to Aiza as her “husband.”

By the way, it’s wonderful to see their parents supporting their marriage… even if it isn’t recognized by the government. This columnist believes in “live and let live, love and let love.”

PLEASANT – Always pleasant to watch two openly gay TV hosts: Ellen Degeneres and Anderson Cooper.

They are knowledgeable and charming, telegenic. And ever gracious to their guests.

No wonder they are two of the most admired and respected TV journalists… and sexual preference has nothing to do with it.

On local television there’s Dr. Boy Abunda.