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Ex-town mayor yields high-powered arms

By: Mars W. Mosqueda, Jr.

MEDELLIN, Cebu – A former Cebu town mayor who is now a councilor was arrested by authorities for possession of several unlicensed firearms and illegal drug paraphernalia in a raid at his house Wednesday morning.

Former Medellin town mayor Ricky Ramirez was nabbed by elements of the Provincial Intelligence Branch of the Cebu Provincial Police Office (CPPO) after the raid ordered by Judge Jacinto Fajardo.

Seized from his possession were two M16 rifles, two M4 rifles, one M14 rifle, four .22 caliber pistol, one .45 caliber gun, and one 9mm pistol. The police also seized a drug weighing scale and drug paraphernalia during the raid.

Ramirez admitted owning the seized guns but stressed that most of the guns are no longer serviceable and have been left to rot in their storage area.

But the former mayor denied owning any drugs and instead pointed to his former house help as the owner of the confiscated drug paraphernalias.