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Is experience really the best teacher?

By: Chinkee Tan

Now, have you heard of the saying, “Experience is the best teacher”? Well, somehow, that’s true. But I want to tweak it a little bit. I’d like to say that other people’s experiences – especially of mistakes and failures – is the best teacher.

Of course, you don’t have to be the one to go through all the mistakes and failures in this world for you to be able to learn. It is also possible to learn from other people, especially from other people’s mistakes, failures, and experiences.

And because millionaires know that they will always have space for growth and improvement, they have coaches and mentors who are always teaching them and helping them grow.

And so, when it comes to learning, you should make it a point to always learn from the experiences of other people.

You need to be like a sponge – always on learning mode, always open for growth and opportunities to learn, always willing to accept new information, new processes, and new data to be able to expand yourself and help yourself become better. You need to always be thinking to yourself, “What new thing can I learn today?” This is how it is with the rich people.

Now, there’s another saying that goes, “What you don’t know won’t hurt you.” Well, again, somehow that is true. But I want to tweak this again and paraphrase it into this: What you don’t know won’t hurt you; it might just kill you.

Here’s the thing. If you don’t know something, then you are not able to do anything about it, correct? And because you are not able to do anything about it, you can’t act against it, correct. And because you can’t act against it, it affects you negatively.

And this is why it’s important for you to invest in books, seminars, and other learning events. I cannot stress this enough.

Now, I know what you’re thinking! You’re probably saying right now, “But Chinkee, seminars are so expensive! And books are so expensive too!”

Well, let me tell you this. Free advice has no value. Anyone can give free advice! The question here is whether you get advice from experts. And normally, experts never give their advice for free. Of course, we know that nothing in this world that has value is for free.

When you ask and invite rich people to learning events, what they will ask first is this: “What is the topic? What will I learn?” And then their next question is, “How much?” But for the poor, it’s different. When you invite them, they immediately ask, “How much?” And when it’s over a thousand pesos, they will immediately say, “That’s too expensive!”

Here’s the thing. As I’ve mentioned earlier, rich people value education – and this is exactly why they are willing to find a way to raise the money that they need to be able to attend seminars, and learn and improve themselves.

Here’s what I want to submit to you today. Maybe you find yourself always complaining about the high cost of education, learning events, and seminars. But guess what. Ignorance will cost you more.

So go on and invest in yourself. Keep adding value to yourself. Keep expanding what you already know. Learning should never stop.

So I challenge you. Read at least one book a month. Listen to an audio book at least once a week. Find a mentor or a coach who can teach you and help you grow as an individual.

Are you open for new learning?

How often do you read books and attend seminars?

Do you have coaches or mentors in your life?

Remember, GLA. It’s all about having a good learning attitude.

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