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Point of final clarity

By: Erik Espina

“LET us stop talking. Let us resume the fight for another 50 years. Ayaw ko ng makipag-usap sa kanila. Marami na silang utang.” – President Rodrigo Duterte.

This is the tipping point. The moment of final clarity. President Duterte launched a peace initiative with dialogue, negotiations, accommodation (in his Cabinet), to end four decades of carnage. Jose Ma. Sison and company countered via open criticism, protest, ambush, death, and the worse cut of all, treachery. To catalogue a time-line of recent events as curtain raiser prior the SONA, validates premeditated betrayal amidst ongoing “peace talks.”

Four wounded from a bullet riddled van of the Presidential Security Group in Arakan Cotabato; attack and burning of private farm equipments in Bukidnon and General Santos; ambush/death of six PNP personnel in Negros Oriental, including Guihulngan City police chief Superintendent Arnel Arpon, who was a good cop since he refused “jueteng payola;” to the tally of one dead and 11 wounded soldiers in another NPA attack in Kitao Bukidnon.

The City of Davao got it right the first time when it plastered posters around the metropolis calling out the CPP-NPA-NDF as “Terrorists, extortionists and anti-peace.” Credit goes to the defiant LGU led by Mayor Sarah Duterte for “permitting” said action. Mayor Sarah can tutor the “peace panel” on this reality check, as she points the way instead for future “localized peace talks.”

This CPP inspired clash, is not of “peace.” But of clashing definitions and end-states. The government sincerely wants an end to war. The CPP comprehends final peace in terms of bloody revolution by establishing a communist-totalitarian state. By abusing every advantage, dexterous with democratic space in pushing the descent and collapse of the republic.

There can be no gray line on this issue. To say “suspended” or “postponed peace talks,” is added self-flagellation, enlisting more government casualties in this charade.