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Palace: Joma left his men behind to die

By: Argyll Cyrus B. Geducos

Malacañang said yesterday there is disconnect between Communist Party of the Philippines founder Joma Sison and his men, particularly the New People’s Army.

President Duterte recently challenged Sison to come home but the latter said in his Facebook post that he will only come home in his own terms and if deemed necessary by the revolutionary movement.

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Palace, in a statement, said Sison’s remarks only showed disconnect and that they find it unfortunate that the CPP leader had to be coaxed for him to come home.

“Mr. Sison’s remarks only highlight his apparent disconnect with their men and women on the ground who seem to have deteriorated from ideologues to plain criminals and extortionists,” the Palace said.

“It is unfortunate he needs to be coaxed to return to his homeland, while his wounded comrades in the mountains in the Philippines are left dying only for our soldiers to rescue and accord medical care,” he added.

Malacañang also added that Sison took to the soft life in Europe, leaving his comrades to fend for themselves.

“No wonder they are only too eager now to demand their unearned portions,” it said.

In his Facebook post, Sison said he does not have to prove that he has the revolutionary will and courage to wage armed struggle against oppression, adding that he is the one who chooses his battles.

“If deemed necessary by the revolutionary movement, I will return to the Philippines to fight the Duterte puppet regime of US imperialism,” he said.

“At any rate, I choose the battlefield where I fight and the types of battles that I wage. These cannot be dictated by Duterte who hopes vainly that the US and European intelligence would tip him off as soon I leave The Netherlands for the Philippines,” he added.

Sison said that he found Duterte not really interested in pursuing the peace talks based on the way the President talks.

He added that 72-year-old Duterte should “not try to project an image of a strutting young fighter” at Sison’s expense.

“He should sober up and allow his negotiating panel to seriously negotiate with the NDFP negotiating panel and make agreements on social, economic, and political reforms that lay the basis of a just and lasting peace for the benefit of the Filipino people,” Sison said.