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Manny files ‘anti-epal’ bill

By: Mario B. Casayuran

Sen. Manny D. Pacquiao has revealed his sentiments against “epals” or credit grabbers in government.

Pacquiao has filed Senate Bill No. 1535 bill banning epals in government, particularly elective officials who put their names in on-going government projects.

Pacquiao’s bill “prohibits incumbent government officials to name government projects after them or other persons whose name or identity may in any manner be associated with said officials and or from claiming credit through signage announcing a public project.’’

“This unethical practice has led the public to believe that the projects named after incumbent government officials are indeed sponsored by them,’’ Pacquiao said.

Pacquiao said this practice allows officials to prematurely campaign for re-election and cultivate a culture of political patronage.

Over the years, Pacquiao noted, elected or appointed public officials have been either appending their names on signage of public works projects and various government activities or label such as projects after their names.

“Although these government projects are facilitated by their office, the fact remains that these are funded by the tax levied from the Filipino people,’’ he said.