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Kim Domingo: Intimately yours

by Nestor Cuartero

JUST A THOUGHT: “Life is too short to drink house wine.” – Helen Thomas

KIM VS NADINE: People are still asking how someone like Nadine Lustre, known for her rather wholesome, though controversial image, has beaten Kim Domingo in the Sexiest List of a well-known men’s magazine.

In looks and in pictures, Kim is the favoured one among those whom we asked. If only they could get a hold of the rising actress’ “State of Undress” photo book which was launched recently.

The book is a testament to the French-Filipina’s lovely face and body to die for.

STATE OF UNDRESS: Summit Books’ “Kim Domingo: State of Undress” is a collection of intimate photos of the sultry star accompanied by never-before-revealed details of her rise to fame. Together, the images and stories conjure up an even more alluring vision of the angelic-faced, voluptuous-bodied beauty.

“Kim Domingo: State of Undress” is divided into three chapters which represent who Kim was, who she is, and who she wants to be. The first one featuring nostalgia-washed snapshots by Shaira Luna acquaints readers with Kim’s past, from her strict childhood to her early career lows.

The second chapter punched up by Ejay Leung’s provocative photography breaks down Kim’s rise to pantasya ng bayan status into steps that span winning the genetic lottery to landing her two FHM Philippines covers.

The final chapter accompanied by an elegantly seductive set by Paolo Pineda seeks to demystify the enigma that is the shy yet sexy, simple yet stunning Kim Domingo.

KIM ALWAYS VIRAL: Kim, a GMA Artist Center star, was one of the guest artists of Viral Fest Asia 2017 held in June 2 in Bangkok, Thailand. The event is an international music festival that celebrates the talent of different Asians all around the world.

Joined by several famous acts, Kim stood out with her wit and charm as she joined a panel discussion that talked about the significance of new technology in business.

Entitled “Selling to Millennials: Influencer Marketing and Commerce,” Kim discussed how social media can help her reach more fans and followers. She also shared how the new technology can engage her in different brands, making way for various opportunities and endorsements.

LIVE-IN REPERCUSSIONS: By the way, news of Nadine’s live-in arrangement with partner James Reid may be shocking to many, but it also makes her sexier. Have you seen her latest dance video on the net? It’s hot, yes.

Heard, though, that advertisers expressed negative opinion on Nadine’spro-live-in statement.