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Police target wakes in anti-gambling drive

Even card games and other forms of gambling being used to generate “abuloy” or contributions for the poor relatives of the departed will not be spared in what Philippine National Police chief Director General Ronald M. dela Rosa declared as all-out war against illegal gambling.

“As I have said, my order is to run after all forms of illegal gambling. Once and for all, let us show that we can stop all of them,” said Dela Rosa.

Popular card games like “tong-its,” “pusoy,” and “sakla,” as well as other gambling like bingo and “pula-puti” are usually being played in wakes, especially in poor communities in Metro Manila and other urban areas and in the provinces as a source of financial assistance to the relatives of the dead.

But Dela Rosa said he wants all forms of illegal gambling eliminated to do away with arguments that the war against gambling is selective.

Dela Rosa ordered all regional commanders last week to finish illegal gambling in their areas in 15 days or they will be sacked from their posts.

The focus of operations are “jueteng” (an illegal numbers game) which is very popular in Metro Manila and Luzon and masiao and suertres in Visayas and Mindanao. (Aaron B. Recuenco)