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Clown fish can change its gender

By: Kim Atienza

Looking for a fishy adventure? On an episode of Matanglawin sometime back, we featured a restaurant-café that offers a slice of ocean adventure.

We refer to Cafe Aquatica in Greenhills, San Juan. The cafe does not only serve food and drinks, but it also offers quite a scenery with its aquariums filled with various kinds of fishes and saltwater creatures, which can also be purchased there.


Fish are sold in the cafe and owners are given a certificate of adoption for each pet.

Fish such as the famous Blue Tang and the Clown Fish are displayed in the aquariums. The fishes’ popularity is due to the recent Disney film “Finding Dory,” sequel to “Finding Nemo” released 13 years ago.

The Blue Tang is a “Palette Surgeon Fish” because of its needle-like defense on its body. When Blue Tang’s are touched, the spikes in their fins called “Dorsal Fins” would appear as their defense mechanism.

Meanwhile, all Clown Fish are born male. But when their population is in need of women to breed, Clown Fishes are able to change their gender. However, once a male Clown Fish goes female, it cannot become male again. Once a Clown Fish becomes female, it breeds at least a thousand eggs in their corals and it leaves the job of protecting the eggs to a male clown fish.

Cafe Aquatica also boasts other fish such as the AroBetta fish, which is a cross-breed fish between a Siamese-Fighting Fish and an Arowana. Breeding is done through artificial insemination since breeding between a tiny fish and a giant fish would not be possible.

According to study, there are benefits of watching fish in an aquarium. It can bring down stress levels, blood pressure, and improve the body’s physical and mental being.

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