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TBA has the resources to produce ‘Balangiga’

TO NO AVAIL – Last Thursday ( Aug.3), Highspeed recalls an ambitious film project that didn’t push through. It was based on Balangiga massacre in 1901, where hundreds of Filipinos were killed by avenging American soldiers.

Balangiga is a small town in Eastern Samar, whose three church bells were taken by US soldiers as a war trophies.

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Which President Duterte, in his last SONA speech, asked for their return. Actually the Philippine government had been doing so for the last many decades, but to no avail.

As mentioned in Highspeed, directors Gil Portes and Chito Roño tried but failed do the Balangiga movie, undoutedly requiring a huge budget.

Highspeed said: Perhaps another director or producer could do it. Any takers?

TBA STUDIOS – The first film outfit that comes to mind is TBA Studios, which recently announced its upcoming projects with pomp and circumstance, led by the Paulo Avelino starrer “Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral.”

TBA headed by Don Nanding Ortigas and Señor Ed Rocha has the resources to produce the Balangiga film, which has very good prospects of being shown in the international market,especially America.

Even before My Lai during the US-Vietnam War, the Balangiga massacre already caught worldwide attention. The interest on the Balangiga massacre was revived by President Duterte’s SONA speech.

One of TBA’s top executives, Vincent “Ting” Nebrida, is a expert when it comes to marketing, releasing, and advertising films in the international market. He work for years in movie companies in New York.

Perhaps Ting could present the Balangiga project to Don Nanding and Señor Ed. How about it Ting?

OTHER FILMS – Needless to say, TBA is best remembered for the monumental “Heneral Luna,” which made over P200 million ( unusual for a period film)… and John Arcilla a household name.

But TBA also bankrolled small films like “Women of the Weeping River” ( what a poetic title), which dominated the recent Urian Awards.

Other TBA projects: “1-2-3,” “Birdshot,” “Smaller and Smaller Circles,” “The Mythology Class.”