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Kakai-Ahron launching pic?

WHY NOT? – The success of “Kita Kita,” topbilled by Alex de Rossi and Empoy, will surely inspire other producers – whether indie or mainstream – to come up with their own versions. You know, pretty girl meets plain-looking guy. Or vice versa.

Well, why not pair Kakai “The Dental Diva” Bautista opposite Ahron Villena of “frontal nudity” fame?

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The past months, Kakai and Ahron have been engaging in a word war of sorts. Seems that she thought all along they were an item, lovers of sorts. But he denied it vehemently, saying in these words – more less – “Kahit kelan di tayo naging tayo.”

The Kakai-Ahron starrer, should it be made, will be a sex comedy, but of course. Include in the cast Jon Santos, Kakai’s comic partner onstage. How about a pretty girl as third wheel? Say, Yassi Pressman.

‘ACCIDENT’ – Days back, Ahron’s nude photo was all over the internet. Yes frontal in all its glory.

The exposure of his assets (or liabilities) was an “accident.” Or so he claims. After a taping, he went straight to his condo bedroom. He removed all his clothes, like he used to, and played with his cell phone, taking his photos from waist up. “By accident,” his shots included down there. He says he deleted it right away… but it was too late, already transferred from one CP to the other.

LAUNCHING PICTURE – So why not, as earlier suggested, make the best of the Kakai-Ahron feud and give them a launching picture?

The title of the sex-comedy: “Kahit kelan di tayo naging tayo.” English translation – Roughly, “We were never together or partners or sweethearts or BF/GF.”

All these years, Ahron Villena is all over… but going nowhere. Now is his chance to make it… if at all. Thanks to Kakai Bautista.

Of course, that “accidental” nude exposure will be “reenacted” in the movie. The title again? Make it short: “Di tayo naging tayo.”