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Bato still trusts SAF men in NBP

By: Aaron Recuenco

The arrest of a prison guard sneaking illegal drugs into the New Bilibid Prisons (NBP) is a vindication to the police commandos currently guarding the convicted drug lords.

Director General Ronald dela Rosa, chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP), praised the police commandos for their effort to keep the NBP a drug-free zone as he vouched anew for the integrity of the Special Action Force (SAF).

“This is a proof that SAF should not be blamed for the resurgence of illegal drugs trade in the NBP,” said Dela Rosa.

It was recalled that a SAF commando was able to confiscate some 100 grams of shabu hidden at the underpants of a prison guard of the NBP.

Earlier, Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre accused some of the SAF commandos of being in cahoots with some of the convicted drug lords which led to the resurgence of the illegal drugs trade.

Dela Rosa was forced to rush to the NBP to meet with the SAF commandos where he announced that they would be investigated based on the allegation of the Justice Secretary.

The PNP leadership is yet to release its findings.

But even before, Dela Rosa expressed doubts that the SAF would connive with the convicted drug lords.

“What they know is how to fight a war, not to earn money through illegal means,” said Dela Rosa.

If there are people to be blamed for resurgence of the illegal drugs trade, it would be some of the erring guards of the NBP, according to Dela Rosa. “Records will show that some of the former guards were involved,” said Dela Rosa.