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Poll chief OKs lifestyle check

By: Leslie Ann G. Aquino

Commission on Elections Chairman Andres Bautista is open to a lifestyle check following allegations of unexplained wealth by his estranged wife Patricia.

“I have no problem with a lifestyle check on me. No problem whatsoever,” said Bautista. “Always open to a lifestyle check,” he added.

Sen. Grace Poe has sought a lifestyle check on Bautista, saying the allegations concern public interest and go beyond the marital affair of the Comelec Chairman Bautista and Patricia.

Poll watchdog Kontra Daya asked Bautista to take a leave of absence following the revelation.

“The recent allegation of ill-gotten wealth by no less than his wife Patricia is worth investigating, especially in the performance of his job not just at the Comelec but also at the Presidential Commission on Good Government,” the group said.

“Much as the media and the public are tempted to look at other details of his personal life, it is our hope that we don’t lose sight of the bigger issue of alleged corruption, conflict of interest and abuse of power while in office,” added the group.

By taking a leave of absence, Kontra Daya said Bautista will not be able to use his position at the Comelec to influence the outcome of a probe.