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Pursue probe on Peter Lim, says ex-Cebu solon


CEBU CITY – Former Cebu City South District Representative Antonio Cuenco wants the government to pursue its drug investigation against Cebu businessman Peter Lim.

As head of the House Committee on Dangerous Drugs, Cuenco presided over a congressional inquiry that investigated Lim regarding his supposed drug links in July 2006.

Two of Cuenco’s witnesses during the hearing – Bernard Liu and Ananias Dy – ended up dead a few years after the congressional hearing.

“I cried a lot when the two witnesses were killed because our case became weak in the absence of the witnesses,” he said.

Cuenco yesterday said that while the July 2006 inquiry did not clear Lim, he clarified that he is not judging Lim as guilty in the illegal drug trade.

“I am not accusing Lim. I am not saying that he is guilty. All I can say is that the report speaks for itself. I am not accusing or pointing a finger at Peter Lim as guilty. I am not accusing him. Let the evidences speak for themselves,” Cuenco added.

The former congressman also admitted that he fears for his life with the revival of the investigation on Lim.

Lim, earlier, said he will never run away from any investigation regarding his alleged involvement in the illegal drugs trade but admitted that he is also worried about his security.

Lim told reporters that the allegations against him were all fabricated and lies. His meeting with reporters also showed that he is not in hiding.

“Yes, I am. I am scared about my life because of the false accusation. People might think this is true,” Lim told reporters

However, Lim said he has not requested for a police escorts. Besides, Lim does not believe the police will give him escort.