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‘Birdshot’ is showing here…. at long last

ACCLAIMED – Mikhail Red’s “Birdshot” is acclaimed abroad, including winning the best picture award in Tokyo International Film Festival’s Asian Future Film section. This is where Jun Lana’s “Die Beautiful” gave Paolo Ballesteros’ best actor trophy.

“Birdshot” has been making the rounds in many other international film festivals…and is still counting.

Variety, the Bible of Hollywood, gave it a glowing review, saying film distributors will surely pick it up.

WELCOME NEWS – But when will Filipinos see the masterpiece for themselves? Well, it had a one-time showing at Cinemalaya as opening film.

The welcome news is “Birdshot” is one of 12 local films included in Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino, showing nationwide from Aug. 16 to 22. One whole week when only local movies will be screened.

The people behind “Birdshot” are hoping the local audience will patronize it… in the same manner the film was well received abroad. They urge media to give it the exposure it deserves so that it won’t be pulled out of theaters after three days. Imagine years of hardwork to come up with a quality film like “Birdshot” going down the drain for lack of moviegoers.

TBA Studios produced “Birdshot,” the same film behind Jerold Tarrog’s “Heneral Luna,” which made a surprising showing at the box-office, more than R200 million. So let’s all watch “Birdshot” and make it another “Heneral Luna.”

THRILLER AND MORE – Directed Red is loathe to call “Birdshot” an indie thriller. It has drama and action and lesson.

A family movie. It has a topnotch cast led by Arnold Reyes, John Arcilla, Ku Aquino, and a dynamic new young actress Mary Joy Apostol.

“Birdshot” is a provocative coming-of-age thriller that tells a story of young Filipino teenage girl who wanders into the boundaries of a Philippine reservation forest. Deep within the reservation she mistakenly shoots and kills a critically endangered and protected Philippine Eagle.