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Arci faces online rumors of botched surgery


IT seems like Arci Muñoz has slowly became the Kendall Jenner of the Philippines as she appeared with a fresh new face in Tuguegarao over the weekend.

“Can We Still Be Friends” star Muñoz became the recent subject of online discussions as her striking new appearance went viral after her performance in the city’s Afi Festival.

On August 6 netizens also posted photos of Muñoz performing in the “Shout! 2017: Unleashed” organized by business process outsourcing agency Accenture held in Pasay City.

Netizens expressed mixed reactions to the singer’s “botch” nose and lip surgery. Others supported her face-change while some criticized her.

In an exclusive interview with Philippine Entertainment Portal in June, Muñoz said that she’s happy with it.
Muñoz has yet to give an official statement on the matter.