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Beach na may halong ginto ang buhangin

By: Kim Atienza

TIBIAO River is a 20-kilometer white-water somewhere in Panay. The river was used as location for an International Kayaking Festival in 1997.

Kilala ang Tibiao sa seven-layer Bugtong Bato Falls, bukod sa history nito na ginawang kuta ng mga Hapon noong World War II, ito ay dinadayo para sa swimming at rappelling.

18KIM 199- TIBIAO RIVER copy

Bugtong Bato Falls measures up to 135 feet, the height of a 12-story building.

Diving in Phaidon Beach.

We also discovered Phaidon Beach as a “beach na may halong ginto ang buhangin. Ang tawag dito ay pyrite or fool’s gold.”

Bernie Offenberger, an Austrian diver who resides in Phaidon Beach, applauded the efforts of those who preserve the beach and the marine life.

He told our TV show that he was proud to say that marine life in the area is mostly in a good condition. “The barangays, all the organizations, LGUs, they’re taking care of this and putting up a lot of marine sanctuaries,” he said.

While diving, I saw for myself schools of Lionfish, Grouper (kin of Lapu-Lapu), Fusilier and Dwarf Hawkfish.

Offenberger also gave us tips if one is considering to dive:

Don’t drink alcohol.

You should not be sick.

Don’t get nervous underwater.

Just breathe.

Keep calm.

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A salmon-rich, low cholesterol diet means that Inuits rarely suffer from heart disease.

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