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Be wary as ‘Ghost Month’ starts Tuesday

Asians will observe “Ghost Month” starting Tuesday, which could be threatened by earthquakes, landslides, or even war based on Chinese astrology.

“The month of August falls under the Earth element this year. So it’s possible that we will experience earthquakes or landslides during the Ghost Month,” said Feng Shui master Hanz Cua during an exclusive interview in Mandaluyong City.

Cua said that the annual ancient practice is observed on the 15th day of the seventh lunar calendar. This year, the “Ghost Month” will end on September 19. Its peak will be on September 5.

“People this month are cranky or ill-tempered. War is possible in other nations.”

It is believed that during Ghost Month, the hell’s officer opens the gate of inferno and allows the hungry ghosts to roam the Earth and seek entertainment.

Because these ghosts want to increase in number, it is said that they sow terror through accidents which could lead to deaths.

“Hungry ghosts are spirits who have unfinished businesses. They have not gone to heaven and they roam on Earth,” said Cua, who is regularly seen on the morning program “Umagang Kay Ganda” on ABS-CBN Channel 2.

Asked if these events were mere coincidence or misfortune, Cua said: “Whatever the case, it only reminds us that we should always remember our departed loved ones. Just say prayers for them.”

Some of the unforgettable events in history that happened during Ghost Month were the 9/11 Twin Towers attack in the United States (September 11, 2001), the death of Lady Diana of Wales (August 31, 1997), death of the King of Rock ‘N Roll Elvis Presley (August 16, 1977), tragedies in Payatas, Quezon City (July 10, 2000) and Cherry Hills Subdivision in Antipolo (August 3, 1999), hostage crisis in Luneta (August 23, 2010), 7.7 earthquake in the Philippines (July 16, 1990), floating Pagoda tragedy in Bocaue, Bulacan (July 2, 1993), and typhoon “Ondoy” (September 23, 2009).

“During Ghost Month, let us offer food for these spirits. Let’s give them pork, chicken, rice, beer, and red candles,” Cua said.

“We should place these offerings near the window or door so that these hungry ghosts will not enter our home anymore,” said Cua. (Robert R. Requintina)