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GMA artists train under New York acting coach

By: Nestor Cuartero

JUST A THOUGHT: “When words fail, music speaks.” – Hans Christian Andersen

WELCOME BACK, EDDIE MESA: Eddie Mesa, one of the biggest stars in the 60s, stages a one-night only concert at The Theater in Solaire on Sept. 10. The rare performance is called “Sing Us Your Song Again,” with guests coming from his own family. Eddie is patriarch to the versatile Eigenmann roster of actors that include Cherie Gil (the show’s producer), Michael de Mesa, Sid Lucero, and many more.

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BEING A GOOD ACTOR: Being natural is different from acting natural.

Thus says New York acting coach Anthony Vincent Bova, who arrived in the Philippines August 13 to conduct an intensive 3-day workshop for selected artists from GMA Artist Center.

Bova echoes the Eric Morris acting technique the most reliable acting technique developed by actor-author Eric Morris.

Bova is endorsed by Eric Morris to teach The Eric Morris System, considered to be a more personal approach to acting.
At the same time, the Morris technique is said to be more intimidating to actors as it requires facing inner fears and weaknesses.

“What attracted me to the Eric Morris System is that this work answered so many questions that other techniques didn’t know to ask. One of the biggest traps actors in general fall into in this age of naturalism as an artist is they act natural. It’s still acting. They act natural as opposed to being natural,” Bova explains.

SINCERITY IN ACTING: Bova said that through the workshop, actors will bear truth to the acting coach’s sincerity and professionalism, which help them trust the process.

Eric Morris, regarded by Bova as his mentor, has had worked with a number of local actors such as Laurice Guillen, Johnny Delgado, Michael de Mesa, and Leo Martinez.

GMA Artist Center collaborated with Laurice Guillen Actors Studio and Anthony Vincent Bova in conducting the workshop, which ended August 17. More than 40 artists signed by GMAAC took part in the workshop.