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Jimmy Gil amused by fatherhood at 70

By Nestor Cuartero

JUST A THOUGHT: “A perfect parent is a person with excellent child-rearing theories and no actual children.” – Dave Barry

AFRAID TO TRY: Even veteran broadcaster Jimmy Gil, recently declared father at 70, is the first to admit that he’s usually averse to trying out so-called health supplements.

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The market is so filled with them, and we in the media gain easy access to them through these companies’ promotional efforts.

Jimmy Gil, host of a nightly DZBB radio show (8 to 9) bearing his name, says he usually shuns any opportunity to try out new stuff, especially those promising to improve one’s health.

What he does is to give these samplers away to friends.

When his friends came back to him weeks later that this one supplement called Enduranz did them good, he was convinced it was worth trying.

Jimmy Gil now says taking a capsule once or twice a day has made him feel stronger and better. His wife assured him his performance has become better, so that Jimmy became a father all over again at age 70!

Such a dramatic twist in his personal life has culminated in an endorsement deal between Jimmy Gil and Enduranz, a product of Natural Quality Corporation. He is now its poster boy.

Speaking at a media lunch recently, Jimmy said becoming a father at 70 is a new, challenging experience. He didn’t expect it so late in the day, and after having been a father to five grown kids in a previous relationship. Jimmy’s infant daughter is named Anna Cristina.

SURPRISE FATHERHOOD: On his surprise fatherhood at 70, Jimmy Gil says: “It’s unexpected but it’s a welcome surprise, she’s a welcome surprise. Half of it is divine intervention, the other half is Enduranz capsule for men.”

Jimmy started taking the food supplementupon the advice of a good friend. He used to complain that he easily got tired, sluggish.

‘The outcome was just great, “nanumbalik ang aking sigla at lakas pagkalalake, at ang side effects pa ay nabawasan ang aking katabaan at nagkaroon ako ng mas maraming lean muscle mass”.

“I was 200 lbs and I felt it. I didn’t feel weak but I was having a hard time climbing up stairs. I felt lethargic.

Upon the advice of my doctor, I started brisk walking every day, cut down on my rice intake to half,” Jimmy shares.

“I felt the renewed energy as I would walk in the Greenhills area five or six days a week to keep up with my goal of 10,000 steps a day. I did start losing weight. I also felt it was helping me with my intimate relationship with my wife.”

HERBS, MEDICINAL PLANTS: According to Dr. Emil Aligui, herbs and medicinal plants expert, male infertility is a condition related to incapacity to have children. “The most common cause is stress, which reduces a man’s testosterone level, leading to impotence.

Enduranz Capsule is a mixture of various herbs, including Malunggay, which has antioxidant properties and high calcium content; Banaba, which improves glucose and metabolism; Gotu Kola, known to be an aphrodisiac. Tongkat Ali helps arrest male erectile dysfunction.