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Duterte puts P2-M bounty for bad cops

By: Genalyn D. Kabiling

President Duterte has expanded the coverage of the P2 million bounty for policemen not only involved in illegal drug trade but also corruption and other offenses.

The President offered the reward system after expressing disgust over policemen who turn to illegal activities even though he has approved the increase in their salaries.

“You are far more worse than sa drugs because you are destroying the credibility of government. When the government is not credible anymore, nobody will obey the government and the government will collapse,” the President said during a media interview in Malacañang last Monday night.

“Kung ‘yun ang ipakita mo sa’kin, mga p***** i** ninyo, talagang hahabulin ko kayo. I would be placing P2 million per head. Two million. Alalahanin ninyo, may pamilya kayo. Alam namin kung saan kayo nakatira,” he added.

The President originally placed a P2 million bounty for any information leading to the arrest of each policemen who killed on behalf of the Parojinog clan in Ozamiz City. Duterte later modified the bounty to cover policemen engaged in illegal drug trade.

In his remarks last Monday, the President said the reward system would now cover policemen with standing arrest warrant for murder-for-hire and kidnapping. Duterte likewise denounced cops who flaunt their wealth such as flashy sports utility vehicles after committing illegal activities.

He claimed that he has enough funds to cover the reward system for the corrupt and erring policemen.

“Who pays? The people of the Republic of the Philippines. Where do I get it? Intelligence fund. Two million? Marami akong two million [I have many two million],” he said.