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Showbiz lingo: ‘Star-inspired’

‘FASCINATED’ – Seems that Highspeed readers always look forward to showbiz-lingo items. They claim they’re always “fascinated” by such words (or terms) as Luz Valdez (loser) and Rica Peralejo (rich, moneyed).

Must be said, though – again and again – showbiz lingo is more rhyme than reason. The real Luz Valdez is definitely no loser. On the contrary, she’s a winner (Winnie Santos – or Winnie Cordero or Winnie Monsod).

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Very well then, more of showbiz lingo, this time those “star-inspired” by both local and Hollywood.

GUIDE TO – Let’s call this guide to showbiz-lingo

Tommy Abuel/Tom Jones – hungry, gutom

Bading Garcia – gay

Bitter Ocampo – as in “bitter ata sa buhay”

Julie Andrews – caught by the police

Bonita Lee – rabid Noranian

Carmina Villarroel/Carmi Martin – karma

Nanette Inventor – inventing stories and achievements

Jolina M – circumcised

Lady Gaga – di ba obvious?

Aleli Abadilla – chaperone

Ate Vi – atrevida

Yayo Aguila – peeved

Oprah Winfrey – OPM puro promise me (pangako)

Sharon Stone – shabu

Manilyn Reynes – pera (money)

Chanda Romero – big stomach. Tia Nena is a variation.

Charo Santos Conscious – aware of Cherry Pie Lupaypay – tired

Mahalia Jackson – expensive

Zsa Zsa Padilla – siya, siya, okey

Ate Vangie (Pascual or Labalan) – ativan

Haggardo Versoza – spent physically or emotionally

Ate Koring – thrifty…as in kuripot

Ate Aida – AIDS

Ate Rita – arthritis

Tiburcia Villa – (tibo, lesbian)