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Fasting from Facebook

By: Marilyn C. Arayata

ALTHOUGH Facebook (FB) provides entertainment, news, and social updates, it has admittedly eaten a big chunk of our time that abstaining from it for certain periods of the day – if not week, will prove to be beneficial.

Less Facebook time means less exposure to the so-called blue light from gadgets. According to a research, too much exposure to blue light harms the retina of the eyes and eventually causes blindness. August is “Sight Saving Month”.

Love your eyes! Fast from Facebook.

Fasting from FB also means you have more time for real relationships. Caring becomes more meaningful because there is more effort involved. You also get to interact with people face to face, so you see their real condition and you also see actual facial expressions instead of emoticons. You see genuine smiles instead of smileys. What could be warmer than that?

Limiting your FB time can prevent you from developing what is called “likeaholism” or addiction to likes. Everybody appreciates likes, but many people have counted on FB likes for their happiness and self-esteem. They feel bad, and even get depressed when they get only a few likes. What happened to humanity?

They say FB feeds narcissism. It enables users to flaunt everything every time. It enables netizens to give insensitive comments and publish posts that feed their ego at other people’s expense. Less FB time therefore means a successful attempt to prevent narcissistic tendencies or dodge an ego stroke (at least online).

Too much FB time means too much focus on what your online friends have or appear to have as far as their families, relationships, and careers are concerned. They can be so spectacular and amazing that you fail to appreciate your own blessings and accomplishments. Fasting from Facebook is one of the best ways to avoid envy.

Aren’t these enough reasons to fast from Facebook?

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