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Christian and JC: Yes to frontal nudity

NOT EASY – Director Joel Lamangan has said time and again that making actors shed their clothes on movie sets isn’t easy. “Mas madaling paghubarin ang mga babae.”

Other directors agreed wholeheartedly.

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Direk Joel said it took a lot of convincing before this or that actor agreed to drop his pants and briefs or boxers.

But in the end, the likes of Jomari Yllana, Polo Ravales, Joseph Bitangcol, Albert Martinez, Emilio Garcia, Allen Dizon, among others, agreed to do so, realizing “Talagang kailangan sa eksena.”

But no frontal nudity, please.

FOR LOVE OF – Well, the new breed of actors is, as they say, more “daring and baring.”

Christian Bables is willing to do frontal nudity for “love of the craft.” He has butt exposure in Chito Roño’s “Bagtik.” Christian was quoted as saying he would have agreed to show more had Chito asked for it.

JC Santos has no qualms about going frontal if the role really called for it. JC is a stage actor at UP and was said he let it all hang out in a play.

Another JC, De Vera, said he was willing to do nude scenes (even frontal?) in a movie in the name of realism. This he said after winning a best actor award in an indie filmfest, which made him proud to be an actor.

THERE WERE – This is not to say that there were no “baring and daring” actors before Christian and the two JCs.

There were, of course. Think of Boyet de Leon, Alan Paule, Gardo Versoza, Michael de Mesa, the late Mark Gil, Ricky Belmonte, and Vic Vargas, Daniel Fernando, Jay Manalo, Richard Gomez, Orestes Ojeda, Ricky Davao, Bembol Roco, Diether Ocampo, Wendell Ramos, Eric Quizon, Raymond Bagatsing, Christian Vazquez.

Even “wholesome” actors like Aga Muhlach and Gabby Concepcion did nude scenes – not erotic though. Come to think of it, Piolo Pascual also did a nude scene in “Dekada ‘70”… as he was being tortured.