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Allen Dizon: ‘Wala pa ring pahinga’

TIRELESS – Award- winning actor Allen Dizon remains tireless, “wala pa ring pahinga.”

His manager, producer-scriptwriter Dennis Evangelista, discloses Allen has two films with Ralston Jover: “Bomba,” where the actor is deaf-mute and “Persons of Interest,” where he’s blind.

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Allen’s winding up “The Right to Kill” for Brillante Mendoza and by October he’ll start the shoot of Aureos Solito’s “Palawan,” where he plays a tribal leader. “Nakabahag siya,” says Dennis.

“Wala na kaming oras para tumanggap ng soap,” say’s Dennis, adding that Allen is in the cast of the ongoing TV5 miniseries on drugs and EJK ( extra judicial killings), “Amo,” also directed by Brillante.

Surely, the Allen Dizon starrers will join international film festivals where the actor won several awards.

KAPAMPANGAN CAST – “Persons of Interest” has mostly Kapampangan cast, among them Liza Lorena, Dimples Romana, and Cecille Yumul. The dialogues are in Kapampangan and, of course, the shoot is in Pampanga. Allen is distinguished son of the province.

Direk Ralston isn’t from Pampanga but he immersed in Cabalen culture and cuisine before the shoot.

Yes, Liza is older than Allen, but Dennis explains that’s called for by the script.

Also in the cast are JJ Quilantang (the young Danile Padilla in “La Luna Sangre) and Romeo Lindain (one of the producers).

LUCIANO CLAN – Liza’s father was American (she’s Lizzie Winsett offcam), but her mother comes from the prominent Luciano clan.

Years and years back, Lino brocka shot “ Ina , Kapatid, Anak” in the Luciano mansion in Magalang. More recently, “Ded na Si Lolo” was also shot there by the late Soxie Topacio.

Liza was introduced in “Dahil sa Isang Bulaklak” (1967). After which other good roles followed. Among them “Wanted:

Perfect Mother,” “Kung Bakit May Tinik ang Mga Rosas,” “Gabun,” “Oro, Plata, Mata,” “Miguelito,” “Walang Katapusang Tag-araw,” “Sister Stella L,” “La Vida Rosa.” And now “Persons of Interest.”