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Popular names

IN AND OUT – There are popular names in and out of showbiz.

As they come to mind starting with LORENZO and its nicknames. From Lorenzo comes Enzo – as in Enzo Pineda and Enzo Manzano (son of Edu). Lore Reyes (director) and Renzo Cruz. Renzo was baptized Lawrence Christopher Sonora Cruz (son of Rosemarie Sonora and the late Ricky Belmonte). Outside showbiz he’s called Wowie.

31Enchong Dee copy

The very Pinoy nickname of Lorenzo is Enchong, as in Enchong Dee, or Enchong Sumulong (late senator and uncle of Tita Cory).

CORAZON – Tita Cory is, of course, the late beloved President, Corazon Sumulong Cojuangco Aquino. There’s Cory Vidanes of ABS-CBN. Aside from Cory, other nicknames include Cora, Coring, Azon.

Way back, there was a star named Corazon Rivas.

FRANCISCO – Former Manila Vice Mayor Isko Moreno is offcam Francisco Domagoso. Moreno is after his mentor (like a second father), the late Kuya German Moreno, Master Showman and star builder.

Master Rapper Francis Magalona was Kiko for short. Another Kiko is Kiko Estrada (son of Gary).

In the Senate there are Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan and Francis “Chiz” Escudero.

Not to forget former MMDA Chair Atty. Francis Tolentino. Under his leadership, the Metro Manila Film Festival broke box-office records, over R1 billion.

Now seldom heard, if at all, is another nickname for Francisco: Komong.

ANGEL – Of course you’re familiar with Angel Locsin, Angel Aquino, and probably even TV correspondent Angel Movido.

How about Angeli Bayani and Angeli Valenciano? Also Angeline Quinto. In Hollywood, there’s Angela Lansbury and Pier Angeli.

One letter distinguishes Angelica Panganiban from Angelika de la Cruz.

RICHARD – Richard Gomez is Goma, while Richard Gutierrez is Chard.

Ricardo Cepeda is Carding, while Ricardo F. Lo is Ricky.

More Richards: Quan, Bonnin, (US-based brother of Charlene Gonzalez), Pinlac (movie writer). Remember the bomba star Ricky Rogers?

CARMEN – Movie queen of the ‘40s Carmen Rosales was nicknamed Mameng.

Singers Carmen Soriano, Carmen Patena, Carmen Camacho, Carmen Periña are familiarly called Mameng.

Not to forget the late sex symbol Carmen Ronda.

JOEY – So many Joeys: Marquez, De Leon, Gosiengfiao, Bundalian – both alive and dead.

Not to forget Songstress Joey Albert and former Sen. Joey Lina (now TV host).

ROSA – Rosa Rosal (the only star to win a Magsaysay Award – for public service), movie queen Rosa del Rosario (original “Darna”), Rosa Aguirre, mother role for all seasons Rosa Mia.

Diminutive of Rosa is Rosita – as in De la Vega, Noble, Rivera.

Seems that Rosing is no longer used. Remember Kenkoy and Rosing of komiks fame?