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Myrtle defends Nadine

By Remy Umerez

After admitting that she favors “live-in relationships” Nadine Lustre, named as “the sexiest Pinay by a men’s magazine, has been the target of comments from netizens.

More bashing followed when together with James Reid, she appeared in a commercial endorsing a beer product. They are sending a wrong signal to their fans, netizens posted.

Nadine’s long time friend Myrtle Sarroza comes to her defense.

“I’ve known Nadine since she was fourteen and she is a good person. She is being true to herself and I see nothing wrong with that. She is simply embracing herself. She also deserves the sexiest pinay tag because I also consider her very sexy. Let us respect her views. Tao din naman ang mga artista at nakakaramdam ng sama ng loob whenever they are being bashed.”

Meanwhile, Myrtle’s vampire role in the teleserye “La Sangre Luna” has been extended for another two weeks.