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The show must go on

By: Rica Cruz

Hi Ms. Rica:

I need tips po this coming –ber months because my relatives are staying with us for a vacation! They will be here until next year na. Natatakot ako na baka hindi na kami mag-do ni hubby pag andito sila, ang awkward kasi. Do you have tips on what we can do so we can still have fun kahit andito sila?

Thank you so much,

Hi F!

Sobrang common ng problema mo especially dito satin. Usually kasi, kasama natin ang mga in-laws and relatives sa bahay. At nakakahiya siyempre kapag narinig kayo nila, or much worse, mahuli kayo in the act! OHEMGEE.

Thankfully, may mga paraan at pwedeng gawin so you can have some sexy time for yourselves:

Paraan 1: Let them go.

Paalisin mo sila! (In a nice way, that is). They can be gone for a couple of days if you tell them to go visit our islands. Palawan? Cebu? Davao? Kung sandalian lang naman, they can go out of town weekend trip. Ilocos? Baguio? Dami nilang pwedeng puntahan that they can enjoy (at para kayo rin ay magenjoy)!

Kung within the day lang naman, you can suggest for them to go to museums. We have different art museums around. Kung di nila trip ang museums, sabihin mo magpalamig muna sila at magshopping sa malls. Or if quickie lang, ask them to run errands for you at the supermarket. Then when they’re gone, just do it!

Paraan 2: Ssshhh.

You don’t even have to ask them to leave. But, you just need to stay quiet.

Use your TV or other appliances to mask the noise. Pero wag loud volume, masyadong obvious. Kung maingay yung kama niyo, do it on the floor! And if you’re the moan-y type, gumamit ka ng unan para hindi nila marinig. But make sure that you can still breathe ha!
Paraan 3: Kayo ang umalis.

Kung talagang hindi kaya na magsexy-time nang may ibang tao sa bahay. Then do it somewhere else. Mag-hotel kayo if the budget permits. Or kung sandali lang, sa motel. Sa kotse, pwede rin! Pwede rin namang kayong dalawa ang magbakasyon. Then you’d be hiting two birds with one stone. Parang honeymoon na rin, diba?

These are just 3 ways, pero be creative! Madaming pang pwedeng gawin, sabi nga nila, pag gusto talaga, may paraan!

Diba? #takeitfromthesexymind

* * *

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Biography: Rica Cruz is a Licensed Psychologist and Sex Therapist. She comes out as the Resident Sex Therapist on Boys’ Night Out every Thursday night on Magic 89.9.